L&L GS e-Commerce

Company Overview

L&L Graphic Solutions is a promotional print media producer servicing Chicago’s western suburbs. Their promotional media solutions include a wide range of products and services from exterior signage installation projects all the way down to small business print collateral. They have an eye for quality and their new customers tend to become long term customers.

Project Overview

L&L has been digging into their digital marketing strategy and had several initiatives we came on board to help with including:

  • Integrating an e-Commerce platform into a customer’s site
  • Building out L&L’s own e-Commerce platform which allowed L&L to engage and sell small services to customers online where in the past the customer would have needed to pass on all orders by phone
  • Develop a dynamic, larger scale online project tool by which repeat customers can step through project options and, in this way, submit detailed project requests to the sales team before the first phone call.
  • General web maintenance issues. The site just needed cleanup and maintenance, as websites do.


The challenges of the L&L Graphic Solutions projects included technical and design challenges. The technical challenges included enjoyable forays into new platforms. L&L’s sites were built on the TradeOnly and EonWorkflow platforms. These platforms are both excellent for delivering exactly the content and functionalities L&L needed for their web presence. But since they are niche platforms, we had to get up to speed with their ins and outs.

The project’s design challenges included integrating the functions and limitations of competing platforms in a way that aesthetically combined the look and feel of L&L’s web presence with the new tools.


The project was executed over the course of several weeks. The only piece not yet completed is the project tool. The question there is whether or not the best long term solution should be a custom built tool or the integration of a pre-built tool. A pre-built tool would meet the current needs of the company and yet be flexible for ongoing repurposing. But the cost may ultimately be higher. This sort of trade off is one of the most common questions developers and executives must consider as they allocate their web development budgets. The fact that pre-built tools are so plentiful, however, makes this dilemma a great problem to have.