ODE – redesign

Company Overview

One Day Enrichment is an academic program started by two homeschooling moms who wanted to provide academic support to local homeschooling families. The business found its feet right away, balancing out in the black it’s very first session. From there it grew into a thriving support to the homeschooling community in Chicago and Oak Park, IL.

Project Overview

When ODE’s original website was developed, it was a static HTML site built with flash and Google doc integration.

The new site will aim to accommodate:

  • increased site flexibility
  • responsive design
  • ease of production and maintenance for the client
  • increased collaborative function
  • improved search engine optimization


As we considered the best approach to the ODE site project, several requirements come to the surface:

  • the site may include several regular editors producing and updating site content
  • editors will need unique site access using personal profiles
  • the program requires a somewhat complex course registration processes which the client would like to allow customers to complete online
  • the original site was not built with SEO principles in mind so this site needs to be optimized for search engine visibility
  • additionally, an engagement strategy must be designed and implemented for success going forward


We are currently in the content gathering and initial design stages of the process. While much of the layout has worked well over the years of ODE’s operation, the program administration has learned a lot about their company processes and wants the new site to improve in ease of use and simplicity for its clients. Therefore the site will optimize the most important web functions while making room for the new opportunities as well.

Since the new site will seek to collect a wide variety of general homeschooling resources for its local community, the wire framing and content UI portion of the design will be especially important.

Click here for a preview of the work in progress.