New ODE Site Launch

Company Overview

One Day Enrichment is an academic program started by two homeschooling moms who wanted to provide academic support to local homeschooling families. Read more about that in ODE Redesign.

One Day Enrichment needed a new website so we’ve been building the right solution and things have been falling into place.

Check out the new site at:

Project Overview

We needed a site that would do the following:

  • have powerfully expandable options for integrating teachers, classes, student information and academic resources
  • include responsive design
  • quickly communicate to new potential customers the excitement, purposes and welcoming nature of the ODE community
  • include an improved registration functionality out of the box but with development potential to increase automation and sophistication at an affordable pace (budget wise)
  • improved search engine optimization


It’s been a great ride finding and implementing the materials for the new site. We found a couple new and utterly powerful solutions to make our life easier and the client happy.

Academic Theme
First, we found a great academics focused theme in Envato which included so many academic program features we were overwhelmed by the possibilities. We haven’t even scratched the surface of the flexibility and features the theme provides and that’s really cool. It also had an extensive demo materials package which allowed us to preview the potential components with the client even as we worked. This allowed the client’s ideas and communication to flow easily.

The backend is more stable than any we’ve used before so that the client can get up to speed making edits and new content with little pain.

Dynamic Form Tool
We’ve been looking for a good calculating form solution for a while so we were very excited when we found one and started using it in the registration process for ODE. This form allows us to do calculations and multiple layers of dependencies which makes for a clear and clean registration process for customers. The form itself doesn’t link directly into the business backend as of yet because ODE uses Podio databases to manage their business data. but that will be next and we’re excited to dig into the Podio API for that purpose and see how these can fit together. For now, the registration forms feed right into the Podio databases but the dynamic form is used simply as a Schedule Builder Tool. So we’ll see how easy or difficult that is for customers to make use of. While the site is live and registrations are already trickling in, the program doesn’t roll again until this coming fall.


The project is still in progress. But many of the key elements are assembled and the site is live (obviously). We still have bugs to work out with some of the elements and their mobile readiness but people are registering and ODE is preparing for the coming year of classes. Because ODE’s customer database is managed in Podio, the Podio integration is an exciting challenge which we will build more into as we move forward. We want customers to be able to log in and check out their current class schedules as well as their order history & billing information. And we want this brought in from Podio. The WooCommerce functionalities of the site currently allows for beautiful invoicing and payment integration but since we’re integrating with Podio, this will be completed more slowly. All in all, it’s going well.

ODE registration page screen shot