Big Time – hero

Company Overview

Big Time Software is a Chicago based software company. Their slick project management software package is an enterprise targeted suite of tools for workflow management, client engagement management, company invoicing and the like. Although their product is fairly flexible, their primary customers come from the accounting, architecture, and engineering industries. Although the company is finding it’s feet as a startup, it’s their razor sharp niche and their Chicago style pragmatic tenacity which excites us about Big Time’s future.

It was especially fun working with Big Time because:

  • They’re a cool company of interesting people doing hard core startup rototilling–where sales & marketing are… everything.
  • They have a great product designed by a world-class developer. Project management software is a favorite around here (Seeworthy Media) anyway so it was cool to work up close & play around with their system.

Project Description

Visual design elements were the main focus of the project. Big Time’s product is made up of dashboards, buttons, and text elements. While the styling of their product is first class, refreshing the punch of their web imagery can pose a creative challenge. So the goal included creating hero imagery and illustrative styling which was engaging without losing the dashboard & product imagery focus.

Through creating standard styles which complemented and matched the overall style of the company’s materials, we were able to help the illustrations attract viewer engagement and the video’s become more useful and enticing.


MAMP & AWS Workflows. Big Time’s site was a new development on Amazon’s Web Services network. Therefore we had the opportunity to use git on AWS and to grapple with the challenges of local, remote (dev) & remote (production) server integrations. With multiple developers, some remote and some in the office, working with Big Time’s development lead to smooth out the correspondence and technical processes was a progressive and eventually successful endeavor.